Serving Areas

Garland County:
Hot Springs: 71901, 71913; Hot Springs National Park: 71901, 71913; Fountain Lake: 71901; Lonsdale: 72087; Mountain Pine: 71956; Lake Hamilton: 71913; Piney: 71901; Rockwall; Royal: 71968; Bear; Whittington

Hot Spring County:
Malvern: 72104; Rockport: 72104; Donaldson: 71941; Friendship: 71968; Magnet Cove: 72104; Midway; Perla: 72104; Bismarck: 71929

Clark County:
Amity: 71921; Arkadelphia: 71923; Gurdon: 71743; Caddo Valley: 71923; Gum Springs: 71923; Okolona: 71962; Whelen Springs: 71772; Alpine; Graysonia; Antioch; Big Creek; Bismarck; Brown Springs; Butterfield (part of Rockport and Malvern); Clear Creek; De Roche; Dover; Fenter (Perla, most of Malvern, part of Rockport); Gifford; Harrison; Henderson; Lone Hill; Magnet (Magnet Cove); Midway; Montgomery; Ouachita (Donaldson); Prairie (Friendship, most of Midway); Saline; Valley

Hot Springs:
Fountain Lake; Lonsdale; Mountain Pine; Jessieville; Hot Springs Village; Lake Hamilton; Piney; Rockwell; Royal; Close

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